Shiny Ideas

You have them, we build them.

We are a partnership. Individually, either of us brings you strong skills in a specialised area of web development. Together, you get it all.

Who We Are

Denny de la Haye

Denny got a ZX81 when he was 8 years old, and has been programming computers ever since. He's been building websites for personal and academic projects since 1996, and professionally since 1999. After graduating in 2000 with a first class honours degree in Computing, he worked in a research group at the University of Cambridge for 18 months, before being lured away from academia by the bright lights and shiny baubles of commercial web development.

He is passionate about open source software and the communities around it. He founded the Milton Keynes Linux User Group, is an active member of the London Perl Mongers, and has been volunteering as staff on freenode for several years now. He has contributed code to various open source projects, and started a few of his own. Most of the software he has written or contributed to is used to create and build online communities.

He spends the vast majority of his waking hours on the Internet; working, learning, and socialising. On a good day they're all the same thing.

Helen Lambert

Helen is a freelance artist and designer, and has been running her own creative businesses since 2006. She spent a year as Lead Designer at both Online Galleries and Zikru and since then has devoted her time to Shiny Ideas. She loves reading design blogs, expressive typography, evocative graphics, and elegant code. She has an ongoing love affair with CSS which she doesn't see ending any time soon.

Helen has fifteen years' experience creating and coding websites by hand. She discovered the Internet at the age of 13, and within a year she had taught herself HTML, bought a domain and constructed her own website. Within two years she was hosting other people's. The design bug stayed with her throughout four years at Cambridge, where she was awarded a double First and an MPhil in Classics despite persistently building hobby sites when she should have been writing essays. Frankly, a career in design and front-end development seemed inevitable.