Shiny Ideas

You have them, we build them.

We can build you a shiny website, but why stop there? Your ideas deserve a broader view of web development. We can also help you build your business.

What We Offer

Identity & branding

Looks are important, and first impressions last. People respond on a level they aren't always aware of to shape, colour and typography. Aesthetic presentation can have a huge impact on people's opinions, and that's why creating effective branding is essential. We can help you through this process - consciously constructing an overall feel or impression for your company or product - from developing the name and 'personality' of your brand and working out a visual language to communicate it, to logo design and creating publicity materials, business cards, packaging and stationery.

Web & interface design

Unlike print media, a website combines images, text and page layout to create an interactive environment, offering a dynamic experience to the reader. A website should be designed as if it were a three-dimensional space which the reader is invited to explore. Good interface design can help guide people through your site and call their attention to key content. We can help you think about the goals of each page of your site - from highlighting the content you want people to look at first, to directing their eyes and guiding where they click next. If we are developing a web application which requires more complex user interaction, we can work with you to make their experience intuitive, straightforward and appealing. Flexibility and usability are crucial, which is why we prioritise standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility.

Web application development

A website can simply be the online equivalent of a glossy brochure - a few attractive pages to let your potential customers know what you do and how to contact you - but it can also offer you much more. Our CMS (content-management system) will allow you to easily update the information on your website at any time, without having to pay us or anyone else to do it for you. We can create searchable online catalogues or entire online shops. We can also build web applications for internal use within your company - to help you with your stock control, personnel management and timesheeting, workflow and document management, and many other core business processes.

Business process analysis

To provide you with the best options for how we can help your business, first we need to understand how your business works. Before we start building a web application for you, first we'd like to discuss what you do and how you do it, and break this down to find the places where our services can offer you a clear business benefit.

Internet & social media consultancy

Your website is just one small part of your online presence. Your customers may be discussing your company on blogs, forums, mailing lists and social networking sites. If you approach them correctly then you can join in with these conversations, gaining you valuable insights into what your customers think, and an opportunity not only to get fast and direct feedback on your existing goods or services as well as any new ideas, but also to advise and support your customers at a person-to-person level, building valuable loyalty and respect for your brand. We can guide you through the various opportunities the Internet now offers for directly engaging with your customers.