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We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

Sites We've Made

Hang 'em

Web design and social media consultancy

Hang 'em was a campaign to vote in a hung parliament during the 2010 general election, co-ordinated by key members of the Open Democracy and Convention on Modern Liberty strategy teams, and backed by the New Statesmen.  It aimed to unseat as many Members of Parliament as possible representing the two biggest political parties, instead distributing power across smaller parties and Independent candidates.

The site featured an alphabetical, searchable list of UK constituencies, with a proposed 'hang 'em' candidate for each seat and opportunity for user discussion. Press pages and campaign information were also included, and a blog facilitated embedded video. The site was heavily tied into social media, with a prominent Facebook call to action in the header and a network of links to articles discussing a hung parliament and the Hang 'em campaign  in the press and political blogosphere.

Helen created a bold, clean design with a strong emblem depicting the House of Commons strung from a gallows, with a purple colour chosen for its lack of connections to any of the big political parties.  The site ran on Wordpress, and Helen wrote a custom theme basedon the approved designs.

Police State UK

Web design and development


Web design and CMS