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We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

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Web design and CMS

Midomo is a water purifier for the developing world produced by humanitarian design agency Red Button Design. The Midomo website provides information about the device for those who are considering donating to support their construction and deployment.

Working from first-draft designs provided by the client, we created a social media intensive homepage design incorporating a call to action linked to the Midomo bracelet fundraising site.

The design was based on a two-tone colour palette, using contours and water imagery alongside a sketch of the Midomo purifier and a diagram illustrating the simple way in which the device is used.  Once this design was approved we created a matching subpage template with more room for textual information, with the social media items moved into a sidebar.

ShinyCMS is used to provide content management, and also to import recent posts from the client's external blog (hosted on Blogger).  The blog import function was written for this project, and is now available to all of our clients.

Hang 'em

Web design and social media consultancy

Horses Helping People

Web design and CMS