Shiny Ideas

You have them, we build them.

We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

Sites We've Made

Mobrool CDS/CMS

Web application development

Development by Denny, while employed by Digital Craftsmen.

Mobrool is a CMS/CDS (content management system/content delivery system) designed specifically for the mobile web. Built to allow small marketing and PR companies to contruct and launch campaign-specific 'micro-sites' quickly and easily, the system produces webpages that are heavily customised to exactly match the specifications of the phone of the person reading the website - screen size, supported image and video file-types, even working around known bugs in the phone's web-browser. This customisation is all done at the server end, keeping the pages that are sent to the user as small as possible - very important in the mobile web market, where downloading large files is still slow and potentially expensive.

Mobrool was built in partnership with Que Pasa, who have used it to run several very successful campaigns for clients including J2O, Borders, and their award-winning campaign for The Camden Crawl. Denny joined Digital Craftsmen halfway through the Mobrool project, helping to design and implement several new areas of functionality as well as improving the implementation of existing features.

Office despatch system

Back-end development and API integration

Van Needs quote system

Web application development