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Office despatch system

Back-end development and API integration

Developed by Denny, while employed by Foresite Business Solutions.

The despatch system for the Office website is slightly unusual, as one of the main requirements was that Office do not want to retain large amounts of stock at a central warehouse location - instead, they want to despatch directly from 'whichever nearby store can most easily spare the item or items in question'. This gives them two business advantages; firstly, more of their stock is in store, available for walk-in customers to try on and purchase, and secondly, they don't need to pay for a large warehouse space.

To achieve this requirement, the system has to interface with Office's national stock control system to obtain stock levels for each store, and then for each order it has to process both current stock levels at each store, and recent stock movement - the stock movement rate is used to prevent despatching the shoes from a store which would have stood a high possibility of selling them over the counter the next day. The formula for this decision was provided by Office, and can be adjusted based on feedback from the stores.

Twice a day the despatch system notifies each store of the items it would like them to despatch, and waits for confirmation that they have the stock and are ready to send it.

Once confirmation is received, the despatch system interfaces with the UPS booking system, placing a request for one of their vehicles to come to the store. The system will tell UPS how many items they will be collecting, and what the total size of these packages is, so that they can send an appropriate vehicle to collect them.

Finally, the system prints off labels for the packages, which have the UPS tracking barcode printed on them. Store staff attach these to the packages and put them aside for despatch. Store staff are credited with commission for each despatch system order which they process, just as they would be for a sale to an in-store customer.

Victory Health and Performance

Web design and CMS, print design

Mobrool CDS/CMS

Web application development