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We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

Sites We've Made

Online Galleries

Web design and development

Development by Denny, while employed by Online Galleries.

Design by Helen.

Online Galleries provide a searchable online catalogue of art and antiques, both through their own website at, and also white-labelled on behalf of several national trade associations (both in the UK and abroad) which represent art and antique dealers. They also provide websites with searchable online catalogues for art and antique dealers themselves, and to events such as art fairs.

All of these requirements are met by one centralised database and search engine application, which is then 'themed' or 'skinned' to integrate it completely with the dealer or trade association's own website. Many of the websites also use the CMS which the search application is built upon, enabling clients to update the information on their own websites without needing technical knowledge or assistance.

Denny joined Online Galleries in 2006, when they had just begun designing this new application to replace an existing prototype. He was present throughout the design and development phases through to successful launch in autumn 2006 and subsequent maintenance and extension of the new system throughout 2007. For most of this period he was leading the company's technical team.

In 2009 Online Galleries undertook an ambitious extension of their website, making it into a hub for the art and antiques industry. Helen initially consulted on user interface and structure, and then took sole responsibility for the redesign. The new site retained the company's existing branding but created a bolder, contemporary look and feel. The redesign involved some 60 unique pages designs, including the CMS pages and administrative areas.