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We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

Sites We've Made

Van Needs quote system

Web application development, API integration

Developed by Denny, while employed by Digital Craftsmen.

The Van Needs quote system is a good example of white-labelling (where one web application can supply a service to several different brands, each with their own look and feel). The system provided a motor insurance quote application and response service for a number of separate website brands - including and Lloyds TSB's 'For The Journey'. The system could support any number of additional brands with a similar quote process.

Although these sites all dealt with commercial vehicles, one of the goals when building the system was to ensure that it would also be easy to extend to cover other market sectors at a future date - e.g. motorcycle insurance. The end result was an extremely flexible and extensible quote processing engine capable of handling any number and combination of front-end brands and back-end quote providers (insurance brokers and aggregators).

Denny was responsible for all the back-end development of this system, for example the database handling, the XML API calls to the quote aggregators, and processing the received quotes. A colleague implemented most of the front-end features such as the form-handling and the site themes. They collaborated on the project design phase and then throughout the project to ensure that all of these parts of the system would work together without any problems.

Mobrool CDS/CMS

Web application development

Queen's Head website

Branding, web design, CMS and social media