Shiny Ideas

You have them, we build them.

We like making websites. We get excited about the big picture, and obsessive about the little details. The most interesting projects require a balance of both.

Sites We've Made

Victory Health and Performance

Web design and CMS, email newsletter, print publicity materials

Victory Health and Performance offer physiotherapy and interdisciplinary care. Their website runs on top of ShinyCMS, providing content-managed pages, events listings, and a themed blog with comments and syndication features. They also use ShinyCMS's newsletter feature to send custom-designed HTML mailshots to people who are interested in their services. The newsletter feature was originally developed for VHP but is now available to all of our clients.

The Victory brand draws on nostalgic World War II imagery and patriotic militaria. Accordingly the site design recalls VE Day and wartime propaganda emphasising the importance of nutrition, healthcare and solidarity. Original artifacts and images were scanned from Robert Opie's The Wartime Scrapbook: on the Home Front 1939 to 1945 and incorporated in graphics for the website and print publicity materials. The Staff section includes custom 'photo ID' graphics for each team member based on evacuee ID tags.

In addition to building the website, we produced an email newsletter to match the site design, and branded publicity materials including business cards, letterheads, compliments slips and referral forms.

Horses Helping People

Web design and CMS

Office despatch system

Back-end development and API integration